Beaphar Nibbly Bitz Exotic

Beaphar Nibbly Bitz Exotic Mix 50gm


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A 100% natural treat specifically formulated for small animals, Beaphar Nibbly Bitz Exotic are small, bite sized pieces of assorted exotic fruits and vegetables that have been dried to retain flavour and goodness.

With an irresistible chewy texture, Beaphar Nibbly Bitz help promote dental health in small animals and also provide a great source of energy for your pet, particularly handy during the colder months.

Ideal for feeding out of your hand, in a separate feeding bowl or by sprinkling over your pet’s standard diet, Beaphar Nibbly Bitz are sure to add delicious variety to your pet’s diet.

Composition: Dried pineapple, dried papaya, dried green leeks, dried white leeks, dried carrot


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