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A brand that puts you and your dog at the top of their priority list, Good Boy provide a wide variety of products for dogs from the tastiest treats to the coolest of toys.  They are continually developing innovative products of the highest quality, striving to provide exciting new products.

Established in 1962 through the birth of their ground-breaking cocoa free Good Boy Choc Drops, Good Boy fast became a mainstay in households across the UK, with an iconic and reputable brand known to virtually all UK pet owners! Taking it through to more recent times, Good Boy had sold approximately 1 million, billion, quintillion toys and treats around the world, and hit a new milestone with over 16 million of their tasty Pawsley and Co meat treats sold in just one year! That’s a lot of happy customers and wagging tails!

“If your dog is healthy and happy, so are we.”

– Armitage Pet Care.

Their mission is to make safe toys and create treats as healthy as they can be. Adding a spoonfull of excitement, a whole lot of deliciousness, and most importantly, a bucket full of fun, Good Boy provides you with an easy recipe for a happy, healthy dog keeping their tails wagging until kingdom come!

Good Boy is part of the Armitage Pet Care family.  To find out more about Armitage Pet Care, click here

To find out more about Good Boy or their products, please contact our Customer Services team at

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