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A brand that puts you and your dog at the top of their priority list, Good Boy provide a wide variety of products for dogs from the tastiest treats to the coolest of toys.  They are continually developing innovative products of the highest quality, striving to provide exciting new products.

Established in 1962 through the birth of their ground-breaking cocoa free Good Boy Choc Drops, Good Boy fast became a mainstay in households across the UK, with an iconic and reputable brand known to virtually all UK pet owners! Taking it through to more recent times, Good Boy had sold approximately 1 million, billion, quintillion toys and treats around the world, and hit a new milestone with over 16 million of their tasty Pawsley and Co meat treats sold in just one year! That’s a lot of happy customers and wagging tails!

“If your dog is healthy and happy, so are we.”

– Armitage Pet Care.

Their mission is to make safe toys and create treats as healthy as they can be. Adding a spoonfull of excitement, a whole lot of deliciousness, and most importantly, a bucket full of fun, Good Boy provides you with an easy recipe for a happy, healthy dog keeping their tails wagging until kingdom come!

Good Boy is part of the Armitage Pet Care family.  To find out more about Armitage Pet Care, click here

To find out more about Good Boy or their products, please contact our Customer Services team at

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Sir Ralph is giving us all the humpday feels today! It's a hard life being this cute, right?! 😍🐾💖. 📸 @sir_ralph_the_lab #wednesday #humpday #midweekblues #hurryupfriday #naptime #sleepingpup. ...

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🔥HEATWAVE🔥. Looks like the weather is going to be pawgeous this weekend 🌞. We have the whole of our Chill Out range on special offer until 30th September🐕. Head to the Special Offers section of our website! ...

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Happy WET NOSE WEDNESDAY! 😁. Tag us in your #wetnosewednesday posts! ...

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"Mischief Managed" 😋 - from us and the gorgeous Ellie, Happy ToT gang! 👅🐶🐾. 📸: @ellie_thejackrussell 💜. #TongueOutTuesday #ToT ...

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It's Sunday FunDay! ☀️😋😁 We hope you're all having a FANTASTIC Bank Holiday weekend! 🥳. Just a little reminder to not forget to keep you and your pets safe in this scorching weather!! We've put a few suggestions below on how to keep your pets cool on days like today: 🐾 Make sure you've put out a fresh, clean and cool supply of water. Ice cubes in the bowl can be a great addition too as well as stainless steel water bottles to provide cold water on the go. 🐾 Keep your pet indoors at peak times when temperatures are at their highest (between 12 and 4pm). 🐾 Be sensible with walks - if the pavement is hot when you're walking on it barefoot, your dog will struggle and find it uncomfortable to walk on too! Try to keep walks restricted to mornings and evenings when temperatures are cooler, and keep activity levels low or moderate where possible. 🐾 Get out your Chill Out Mat and Chill Out Bandana! They're great for keeping your pet cool and helping to prevent heat stroke. 🐾 Freeze some fruits, veggies and water for a delicious cooling iced treat 🤩. 🐾 Keep your dog out of hot cars! 🐾 Try not to muzzle your dog (if applicable) in this weather as it can prevent them panting as they need to when temperatures are high. If you require a muzzle for your dog keep the time worn to a minimum if possible. 🐾 Keep curtains and windows closed to maintain a cool indoor temperature. 🐾 Get out the paddling pool or let your dog have a swim! This will help reduce their body temperature to a better level. 🐾 If your dog wants to stay in the garden or outdoors try and encourage them into a shaded area where it will be a little cooler for them. If you have any more helpful suggestions for our furlowers comment below! 👇🏼. Have a great Sunday everyone! ☀️🐾. 📸 @bellaboo.thelabrador. ...

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Ultimate Spaniel Satisfaction 😋. Have you tried our new Anco range of 100% natural treats and chews for dogs? Frankie sure gave us her Paw of Approval for our NEW Anco Turkey Necks! 🐾. ▪️100% Natural. ▪️Hypoallergic & Easily Digestible. ▪️Grain AND Gluten Free. ▪️ZERO Artificial Additives, Fragrances, Flavourings and Preservatives. ▪️ Gently Air Dried or Cold Pressed to Preserve Natural Flavour, Nutrition and Aroma. ▪️Packed with Natural Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids. ▪️Rich Source of Protein. ▪️Hand Selected Ingredients. ▪️Sourced and Packaged in EU or UK. ▪️Great for Dental, Skin and Coat Health. ▪️Delicious, Tasty and Packed with Natural Goodness. Check out our range by clicking the link in our bio, or view our story for more information! Priced start from under £2.00!More from Anco coming soon 🥳. @purelypetsupplies. @ancodogtreats. ...

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Keep your friends close and your snacks closer, right Cooper? 😋😍. Happy Sunday everyone! We hope you've all had a fabulous weekend! 🐾💖 📷 @cooperspaniel7 🐶💙 ...

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Mud Daddy to the rescue! 🐾🚿. RRP £39.99 | WAS £31.23 | NOW £28.11 🥳. Today is your last chance to get that extra 10% off your very own Mud Daddy! We've slashed prices to save you a HUGE 35% OFF RRP! Well, almost. 34.89% to be precise 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😅 Take a look at our Mud Daddy highlights to see it in action and get your code! 👀 The clock is ticking! What are you waiting for!? #teammuddaddy #muddaddy 🥳. 🔍 Mud Daddy. 📸 @misslola.mrlouie 💖 ...

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A KONG for every occasion 🐾🌟. Have you seen our newest KONG products?! Weve extended our range to include the newest innovative products from both the KONG Dog and KONG Cat collections! Here's Bella with her new KONG Tiltz. It's being used as a feeder to slow down her speedy eating and add even more fun to mealtimes! 🐾😋. Check out our story for a glimpse at some of our latest new products 👀. 📸 @bellaboo.thelabrador ...

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Cuddles & caffeine fix pleaseeee 🐾☕💕 #monday #ohmonday #mondayfeels #dogcuddles #cuddlesplease #caffeine #coffeequotes #dogquote ...

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