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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ… Happy 1st December everyone! It's treato time! 😍🀀 The gorgeous Chester got his paws on one of our Life of Riley Dogvent's this year, filled with tasty grain-free, handmade goodies by the lovely @lifeofrileybakery! What's behind your advent today?

Our Life of Riley range is pawfect for puppas this Christmas, made with only 100% natural ingredients, grain free and handmade in the UK. If you did miss out on our Dogvent, don't panic! Check out our Life of Riley Christmas Cookies, and Mini Gingerbread Men treats - yummy stocking fillers, beautifully gift wrapped and available now while stocks last!

πŸ“Έ Chester, @charming_chesterfield
🏷 Life of Riley Dogvent Calendar (only 1 available!)
πŸ‘€ Life of Riley Christmas Cookies, Mini Gingerbread Men (tagged)
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

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Hooooray for a Lickimat Day! 🀩 Mondays don't need to be miserable! Add a LickiMat to your weekday treating and you're sorted! πŸ’™ #mondaymunchies
Plus... SAVE 20% ON LICKIMAT TILL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! #blackfriday #cybermonday

πŸ’™ A fun and innovative boredom busting solution for cats and dogs
πŸ’™ Perfect for spreading your pet’s favourite soft treat over the surface, creating a rewarding and tasty fun game
πŸ’™ Encourages your pet to seek out their delicious treat with their tongue
πŸ’™ Suitable for all cats and dogs, as a treat mat or feeding mat to slow down eating
πŸ’™ Encourages repetitive licking effectively soothing your pet
πŸ’™ Releases a calming hormone into the body through continual licking
πŸ’™ Freezer safe, ideal for raw feeding, and hand-washable
πŸ’™ And so much more!

πŸ“Έ Tarka, @tarkathebeagle
🏷 LickiMat Buddy Treat Mat (Tagged), from £4.25

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🎡 I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need... SPORTSPET OF COURSE! πŸ€©πŸΎπŸŽ… Happy Sunday guys and gals! Willow & Bobby are loving their new SportsPet Christmas Tennis Balls, now available with 20% off this Black Friday weekend and available while stocks last! Have you got yours?

πŸ’™ Naughty πŸ’™ Nice πŸ’™ I Tried πŸ’™ click the link in our bio or the tagged product above to view!

Don't forget, we've got our #ppsnaughtyornice giveaway running till 14th December to win over Β£100 worth of prizes, with a winner for each category! Check out our Giveaway post for more info on how to enter πŸ₯³πŸ€©πŸŽ… #ppsnaughty #ppsnice

πŸ“Έ Willow & Bobby, @spanielsbythesea
🏷 SportsPet Christmas Tennis Balls 3pk, £3.50 (tagged - plus 20% off this BF Weekend!)
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

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Easy like Sunday morning πŸ’™ only 2 days left to take advantage our Black Friday 4-Day Sale, including free delivery on all orders over Β£60 AND sitewide* discounts! Have you shopped? Let us know in the comments below!

πŸ’™ 10% off sitewide*, applied automatically to qualifying items
πŸ’™ Up to 50% off selected lines, available while stocks last!
πŸ’™ FREE DELIVERY on all UK orders over Β£60!

Click the link in our bio to find out more and shop our sale πŸ₯°πŸ’™ #supportsmallbusiness
Code: PURELY for free delivery!

Shop Now!
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.co

Ends midnight Monday!

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Save 20% on Natures Menu Superfood Bars in our Black Friday 4-Day Sale!

We've made it super easy this Black Friday to get the best deal on all your faves. 10% automatically applies to ALL qualifying items (that's means sitewide savings on 90% of our products!), and we've got extra special deals on select lines like these tasty treats! Winner, winner, Turkey snack at dinner 🀩 #blackfriday

πŸ’™ Made with 100% natural ingredients, including select superfoods in every recipe
πŸ’™ Delicious, natural treat bars for your dog, bursting with real food ingredients
πŸ’™ Gently oven cooked to retain the natural goodness and flavour dogs love
πŸ’™ Healthy and delicious, delivering an irresistible flavour and high protein content
πŸ’™ CotnIns only the finest cuts of meat or fish, with extra fruits, vegetables and seeds for body boosting natural nutrition
🚫 ZERO meat meals, derivatives, added sugars or salts, grains, gluten or artificial nasties

Available from only Β£1.99 (with 20% off when ordered before midnight Monday!)

πŸ“Έ Stamford, @stamfordthecavapoo
🏷 Natures Menu Superfood Bars Turkey 100g, £1.99 (tagged)
πŸ’™ @naturesmenuonline
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

Use code PURELY for free delivery on all orders over Β£60 this Black Friday weekend! DISCOUNTS AND PROMO ENDS MIDNIGHT MONDAY!

Click the link in our bio to head straight to our Black Friday sale!

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All eyes on those bargain buys πŸ‘€ Happy Black Friday guys! And a MASSIVE thank you for all the support you've shown my business baby today so far! You've been absolutely INCREDIBLE, kept us busy ALL DAY, and it means the world to have so many of you behind us, especially this year! Me and my team can't thank you enough πŸ’™ #supportsmallbusiness

Don't forget the following deals are continuing all weekend, right through till midnight Monday!

πŸ’™ 10% sitewide discount, applied automatically to qualifying items
πŸ’™ up to 50% off selected lines, available while stocks last!
πŸ’™ FREE DELIVERY with code PURELY for all UK orders over Β£60!

πŸ“Έ @meet__the__sprockers
🏷 SportsPet Christmas Tennis Balls 3pk, £3.50 (tagged - 15% off this Black Friday!)
πŸ”Ž SportsPet

πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com
Or click the link in our bio!

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Sprinkling those bargains all over your baskets like @plaqueoffuk at dinnertime 😝 who's ready for our Black Friday 4 Day Sale tomorrow?! WE SURE ARE!

I've been busying putting tons of yours faves on promo, with sitewide discount AND a one-off free delivery bonus if you spend Β£60 or more!

Let us know what you're hoping to see in our Black Friday sale below!

Featured: PlaqueOff Powder, £14.58 - tagged and featured in our Black Friday special buys! 😝 save on @plaqueoffuk tomorrow till Monday!

Are you basket-ready?

πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

πŸ“Έ @wharfedale_spaniels
🏷 Plaque Off Powder 60g (tagged)

Throwback to our most recent Bespoke Natural Treat Box sent out on Tuesday for the lovely @logan.border.collie to celebrate his 2020 burfdayyyyy! πŸ₯³ Happy Birthday for yesterday Logan!

We've got only 3 of these available, for dispatch next week! If you want to preorder for later weeks, please drop me a DM now! To find out more click the tagged product above and view key info below.!

πŸ’™ A variety of 14+ chews or treats in various quantities, totalling over 2kg in weight and tailored to you and your dog’s requirements
πŸ’™ All natural snacks and primal chews to meet the needs or wants of you and your dog!
πŸ’™ Great for ensuring a delicious variety of chews, and trying some new products you may never have heard of before!
πŸ’™ Includes a yummy variety of loose and prepacked snacks , providing a delicious assortment of chews and treats to try
πŸ’™ Hand packed by our team, right here in the UK (our Paw of Approval is stamped all over this box!)
πŸ’™ Perfect for birthdays, gotcha days and Christmas, and so much more!
πŸ’™ Complete with Thank You card, Contents List and QR Code Quick Shop unique to your box

Available now, via tagged product or πŸ”Ž Bespoke when you visit our website!
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

All I want for Christmas is toys! πŸ€©πŸŽ… have you seen our incredible selection of toys for hours of festive fun this Christmas? Weve got crackle toys, giggle toys, squeaky toys, latex toys, tough toys, tug toys, and SO MUCH MORE!

Check out our Christmas range, available now while stocks last. Link in bio or view below!

πŸ“Έ Jasper @jasperthestaff
🏷 Animal Instincts Sophia Snow Leopard Large, Perdition Polar Bear Large (now out of stock 😭), Holly & Robin Mellow Coco Mug, Animal Instincts Suri Snow Owl Large, Good Boy Raggy Penguin (left to right, all tagged)

Toys available from only Β£1.69!

Code HAUL for 10% off!*
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

*exclusions apply. Min order Β£20. Ends 30th November 2020.

Monday, we're ready for you! Our @forthglade Natural Treats are the perfect snack to keep you healthy and satisfied, with two delicious flavours to tantalise those tastebuds 🀀😍 choose from Chicken with Duck or Salmon with Herring!

πŸ“Έ Forthglade, @forthglade
🏷Forthglade Soft Bites Chicken with Duck, £1.94 (tagged)
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

πŸ’™ Delicious, 100% natural, grain-free meaty treats made with zero nasties
πŸ’™ Soft and meaty heart-shaped snacks, great for dogs of all sizes and breeds
πŸ’™ Created in association with National Trust, supporting them with every purchase
πŸ’™ Gently hand-baked, preserving all the natural nutrients within
πŸ’™ ZERO sugars, salts, artificial additives, grains or gluten
πŸ’™ Perfectly sized for all dogs, suitable for those over 4 months of age
πŸ’™ Resealable pocket pouch to retain freshness

Available from only Β£1.94! SHOP NOW!
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

Save 10% with code HAUL! Ends midnight 30th November 2020. Exclusions apply. See original offer post for details!

Doggy greetings fit for eating 😍 have you seen our @scoffpaper Edible Christmas Cards? If not, where have you been?! Our Scoff Christmas Cards are made with only 100% natural ingredients, completely rawhide free and bursting with natural nutrients from real ingredients! What are you waiting for? Check em out!

πŸ“Έ Link, @papillon_dog_link
🏷 Scoff Paper Christmas Card "Please Don't Eat Reindeer Poop" A5 (tagged), £5.00
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

πŸ’™ A 100% natural, hide-free, edible Christmas Card for your dog
πŸ’™ Made with 100% natural, vegan-friendly ingredients
πŸ’™ Grain, gluten and wheat free, and ZERO nasty ingredients
πŸ’™ With naturally occurring vitamins and Omega 3 and 6 for good health
πŸ’™ A delicious gift handmade with love by Small Business @scoffpaper
πŸ’™ Comes with a snazzy orange envelope (inedible) to pop your card in, and clear instructions for use
πŸ’™ A5 double sided, two designs available

- Please Dont Eat Reindeer Poop, Peanur Butter Flavour
- All I Want For Christmas Is Chew, Chicken Flavour

Β£5 each, with optional purchase of an additional reusable Scoff Paper Edible Ink Pen (+Β£2.50) to add tasty personalisation to your dogs' Christmas card!

Available while stocks last!

Shop Now!
πŸ–± www.purelypetsupplies.com

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