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Designed to the highest standards, Baskerville Muzzles provide reassurance, ideal for a wide range of situations including social activities, vet visits and even daily walks, protecting your dog, you and those around you.

Whether you need something to help with a visit to the vet or groomers, for travelling on public transport, or for the daily dog walk, a muzzle is a harm-free aid for dogs, also handy in preventing the scavenging of food waste or wildlife.

Baskerville Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly

Dogs can pant, drinks and receive treats freely, so they’re ideal for daily use and a variety of situations.

Baskerville Safe


Designed to provide complete peace of mind for pet parents.

Baskerville Comfortable


A basket-style design offering a perfect fit across different breeds

Baskerville Easily Adjustable

Easily Adjustable

Easy to fit with convenient adjustability, and the ultra can be tailor-shaped to your dog.

Robustly designed for complete safety and comfort, Baskerville Muzzles can be confidently used to manage and during the re-training of aggressive or nervous dogs, while allowing them to pant, drink and enjoy life at all times.

Company of Animals

Providing a range of brands and products to suit your every need, Company of Animals design, manufacturer and parent a number of top quality brands, including effective training aids, high-performance dental care and so much more.  These include UK best sellers including Coachi, Arm & Hammer and HALTI! Check out some of our available range below!
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