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Did you know? Hamsters are omnivores! In their natural habitat, wild hamsters eat grasses, seeds and grains. They also love to chomp down on tasty insects though too, including crickets and mealworms!

Alongside tasty, natural vegetables, fruits and snacks, hamsters require a balanced daily dinner for nutritional balance, supporting good health and condition.  Our tasty range of hamster foods and treats suit any budget, and fussy tastebuds, and should be fed with a constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water. 

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Hamster Food

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A delicious range of balanced recipes for hamsters, our range of high-quality hamster foods are available in muesli-style mixes as well as concentrated pellets and nuggets.  They are rich in vital vitamins and minerals, and they are all designed to be fed alongside fresh fruits, veggies and treats.

Hamster Treats

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Tasty snacks for your hamster to indulge in, our range of hamster treats are great for building a special bond with your pet, with many perfectly sized for hand-feeding.  They are also great for adding variety to your pet’s diet, including smell, colour, texture, taste and shape!

Feed in moderation alongside a healthy hamster diet and a constant supply of fresh drinking water.

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