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An essential part of a healthy diet for many small pets, our range of hay and forage helps to support good health, digestion and condition. All our hay and tasty forage snacks are sourced from only trusted, high-quality manufacturers, adding variety and providing a healthy, rich source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. 

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Feeding Hay

Our delicious range of feeding hays provide high quality fibre and are packed with a rich, natural flavour many small pets love! Hay is an essential part of a daily diet for a range of animals, including rabbits and guinea pigs, with our selection including Meadow hays, Timothy hays and more, offering a naturally balanced feed that supports digestive and overall health.

Forage & Herbs

Our tasty range of forage and herbs make a great snack for many small pets. They are rich in natural ingredients, with everything from apple wood and dried flowers, to dried herbs and assorted blends.

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