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Gerbils need a healthy diet and plenty of space, as they love to explore! They love to snack on fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and mealworms, but only in small amounts!

To ensure a healthy, balanced diet for your pet gerbil, our range of tasty gerbil foods provides all the vital vitamins and minerals needed every day, helping to support good health and condition.  Always ensure plenty of drinking water is available, and remember – treats only in moderation!

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Gerbil Food

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Tasty and balanced, our range of gerbil food recipes provides all the key nutrients your gerbil needs to remain healthy and full of vitality.

Gerbil Treats

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Designed for feeding in small quantities to add variety and encourage hand-feeding, our range of tasty gerbil treats are great for enhancing your pet’s diet. You can also try snacks such as fruits, fresh carrots, seeds and nuts (in small quantities).

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