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DENTAL CARE PRODUCTS Dental care doesn't have to be a chore! Caring for your dog's teeth and gums can be easy and convenient with my effective range of dental care products for dogs and puppies.

All-in-one dental kits

My complete dental kits feature only trusted brands and effective products, designed to be used together to keep teeth clean and healthy.  Each kit features a specially developed doggy toothpaste and a handy cleaning tool (toothbrush, finger brush or similar) to ensure efficient and convenient teeth cleaning.

Brushes, toothpastes & gels

Designed as part of an effective oral care routine for dogs and puppies, my range of brushes, toothpastes and tooth gels ensure easy yet effective cleaning of your dog’s teeth and gums, helping to promote fresh breath, reduce tartar and plaque and leave your dog with a clean and healthy mouth.  

water additive, mouthwash & sprays

An easy way to help support your dog’s dental health, my range of effective mouthwash products, dental sprays and water additives help you maintain fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy mouths for all dogs and puppies. They are particularly helpful for dogs that show signs of stress or anxiety during teeth-cleaning as they are less invasive and are more likely to be accepted by your pet.

dental powders [nutritional supplements]

Quick and easy to use, simply adding to food, my nutritious dental powders are tried and tested, helping to reduce plaque and encourage fresher breath.  They are designed to be added to food daily to improve your dogs dental health, while also aiding digestion – a common cause of bad breath!

for puppies

My specialist range of dental care treatments for puppies helps to ensure clean, healthy teeth right from the start, developed to provide gentle yet effective cleaning action for growing teeth, sore gums and smaller mouths.

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