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On a pioneering mission since 1989, FibreCycle continue to vow to do better, for the planet, the people and our pets. 

Featuring three top brands to provide a convenient bedding and litter option for cats, kittens, small pets, reptiles, wildlife and more, FibreCycle manufacture high quality, planet friendly toilet and bedding options for our pets, each with their own unique features to meet your every need.


Back 2 Nature Bedding & Litter

A small animal bedding and litter pellet made from <99% recycled paper with no additives or chemicals, Back 2 Nature Bedding & Litter provides natural odour control and has highly absorbent capabilities meaning it provides superior performance and is ideal for rabbits, ferrets, birds and reptiles!

Long-lasting, lightweight and virtually dust-free

Highly absorbent for superior performance

Provides natural, effective odour control

Biodegradable, compostable and economical

Ideal for delicate paws and sensitive animals

Free from additives or chemicals


Breeder Celect Cat Litter 20L

A planet-friendly, up-cycled litter made from more than 99% recycled paper, Breeder Celect Cat Litter is sustainable, biodegradable and compostable, and provides natural odour control as well as various other key features!

Highly absorbent with superior performance

Provides natural, effective odour control

Biodegradable and planet-friendly

Lightweight and easy to handle

Virtually dust-free and ideal for sensitive paws

Free from additives and chemicals


Worlds Best Cat Litter (Unscented) 12.7kg

A convenient and effective clumping litter, Worlds Best Cat Litter Original offers outstanding odour control and tight clumping ability for 2x longer lasting litter that smells less, needs cleaning less and performs every time.

Provides outstanding odour control, trapping bad smells inside the litter

99% dust-free, with a convenient clumping design

Completely natural and easy to scoop

Pet, people and planet friendly, made from sustainable corn

Lightweight and high performing

Free from additives or chemicals

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