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A specialist pet accessory manufacturer, All for Paws design and create unique products for household pets including dogs and cats. Carefully designed to ensure only the best products are brought to market, All for Paws products satisfy your pet’s needs as well as being suited to the ever changing lifestyle of you, the owner. All for Paws is now distributed worldwide, including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South America and more, supplying premium quality products in a variety of ranges. Some of their premium ranges include:

Some of their Premium Rages include:

  • Mighty Rex – Specially developed for strong, playful pets.  Each toy in the Mighty Rex range has been designed to meet the playing needs of dogs that love to chew, withstanding rougher play whilst providing emotional enrichment and essential exercise

  • Lamb – Providing an adorable range of toys and clothing for dogs and cats, the All for Paws Lamb range is made with a mix between suede and lambswool, making it all about comfort and cuddliness

  • Chill Out – Specially designed to keep your dog cool when temperatures are high, ensuring they remain happy and healthy. This brand ranges from water fountains and cooling mats to novelty and fun cooling toys encouraging active play

  • Interactives – Designed to provide mental and physical exercise for dogs and cats, made with premium quality materials for lasting use and carefully tailored to meet your pet’s playing needs. This can help prevent boredom and bad behaviour.
  • Little Buddy – A super cute and cuddly range specifically designed for puppies, made with premium quality and extra soft materials. This range has been developed to comfort your pet, and assist with puppy growth and development, including products such as puppy teethers, comfort blankets and more.

Why choose AFP?

  • Specially designed and manufactured products for dogs and cats
  • With over 20 ranges for pets, caring for them emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • Designed to satisfy your pets needs, ensuring happy, healthy household pets
  • Premium quality assured

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