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New Arrivals / Rosewood Naturals Catnip Range
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Rosewood Naturals 100% Catnip range now available!

Made with 100% natural materials, including pure catnip, the NATURALS Catnip range supports the health and well-being of cats and kittens, with 5 fantastic new products to try! They have all been designed with natural instincts in mind, stimulating your cat by igniting their senses and encouraging healthy activity and play including batting, chasing and rolling.  All new products are made with 100% natural catnip that most cat’s find truly irresistible, with 2 fun catnip enrichment toys chosen that contain pure catnip inside! All toys are safe for your cat to nibble, chew and gnaw.

Choose from:
Catnip Ball a pure, 100% natural compressed catnip play ball, great for rolling and batting. Approximately 4.5cm diameter, 1 per box.
Mini Catnip Balls 10x mini, 100% natural compressed catnip play balls, perfectly sized for kittens and great for batting, rolling, chasing and more! Approximately 2cm diameter, 10 balls per box.
Catnip Sticks Natural, dried catnip sticks cat’s love to nibble and gnaw. They are great for helping to clean teeth, with a delicious taste and irresistible scent they can’t resist!
Wooden Ball is a durable wooden play ball stuffed with pure, 100% natural catnip. Approximately 5cm diameter.
Willow & Catnip Ball *FAVOURITE* a 100% natural play and enrichment toy featuring a natural willow “cage” and a mini catnip ball inside. The irresistible scent and the sound from the catnip ball moving inside the willow ball encourages your cat to keep playing because they want the catnip inside! For added enrichment, you can also pop a few treats through the gaps in the willow so the ball releases extra tastiness rewarding your cat for their play! Approximately 7cm in diameter.
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