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VetIQ Cat Treats 3 for £5

Delicious and nutritious treats tailored to 6 aspects of feline health and wellbeing!

Buy ANY 3 VetIQ Healthy Bites Cat Treats for only £5!

Support your cat’s health, wellbeing and condition with delicious, functional treats from the VetIQ Healthy Bites cat range, featuring 6 nutritious recipes.

Buy ANY 3 packs of VetIQ Healthy Bites Cat treats for only £5! Normally £2.05 per pack, that’s over 15% off!

Available throughout May! Not valid alongside discount codes. No limit to quantity of deals per customer or order. Items will be restocked throughout the month as required, and available throughout May for all UK and International customers. 

Nutritious & Delicious

Functional cat treats made with only 100% natural ingredients, VetIQ Healthy Bites cat treats feature a crunchy cereal outer shell and a soft, smooth, nutritious centre, bursting with selected ingredients that work together to support specific aspects of your cat’s health.  They come in handy resealable packs, with approximately 21 servings in every pouch, great for feeding daily with naturally low fat recipes containing 2 calories per treat! 

  • Natural cat treats packed with nutritious, functional ingredients
  • Irresistibly tasty to satisfy tastebuds, with a crunchy cereal shell and smooth, creamy centre
  • With 6 unique recipes tailored to specific aspects of feline health
  • Suitable for all cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age (3 months)
  • Made with only 100% natural ingredients and no artificial nasties
  • With select ingredients in every recipe, chosen for their nutritional benefit to your cat
  • Convenient resealable pouches to keep treats fresh and nutritious

Choose from:

Serene Calming 65g supporting relaxation and promoting calm. Provides additional support for stressful situations and events, and may help to reduce anxiety.

Hairball Remedy 65g with malt extract and inulin supporting healthy digestion and the natural passage of hair, helping to prevent and remove hairballs.

Growth Support 65g with essential proteins, glucosamine, chondroitin and antioxidants to support healthy growth and development of muscles, bones, joints and immunity.

Nutri Booster 65g providing a nutritious boost for all kittens and young cats, with high quality protein and key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support good health and a strong immune system.

Denti-Care Breath & Dental 65g supporting dental health, helping to remove plaque, reduce tartar and freshen breath, while aiding healthy digestion and providing a good source of key vitamins.

Urinary Care 65g supporting urinary tract health with added cranberry, and promoting good health with key vitamins and antioxidants.

Available for £2.05 per pack when purchased individually.

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